WITH Harry and Meghan effectively becoming only part time royals, now would be the time to scale back the size of the Royal Family as Prince Charles is apparently looking to do.

Royal titles and state funding should be restricted to the spouse and children of the monarch and direct heirs subject to them fully participating in public duties.

Princess Anne and family are prime examples of applying this protocol.

Maybe as a courtesy, His/Her Highness (HH) as opposed to HRH could be used to differentiate in certain circumstances.

Given the announcement by Harry and Meghan, she should not be classed as a “royal” at all and Harry should be demoted to HH, purely as an acknowledgement that he is a son of Prince Charles. Similarly, Prince Andrew would no longer be HRH while his two daughters never should have been.

A smaller more active Royal Family will be more appreciated than the burgeoning one it has now become.

Ian Thompson, Spennymoor.