I THINK the BBC should bring back the popular children’s storytelling show Jackanory and get Mayor Ben Houchen to host it.

He has all the right credentials – an extraordinary gift in storytelling, fabricating many a tall tale.

With his multiple complex fantasies he boasts an imagination like no other.

His announcement, to bring back steel building on Teesside is a fairy tale of epic proportions.

The Conservatives who closed the steelworks down in 2015 will have zero desire to stoke it back up. Or the humongous amounts of cash to fund it.

Competition for steel production is as fierce as it was when SSI breathed its last half a decade ago.

Some of Mr Houchen’s heroic daydreams are harmless enough, almost goofy.

But ones like these are absurd and simply unrealistic offering a huge dollop of false hope.

Fabricated and intended to deceive.

An absolute insult to the 3,000 workers who lost their jobs back in 2015.

Stephen Dixon, Redcar.