I READ your article in Echo Business (Jan 6) “MP slams retailer as it pulls out of high street” regarding Debenhams closing its store in Stockton High Street, accusing the company of putting profits before customers.

Am I missing something here? The company is losing money, but the wise Alex Cunningham seems to think it’s their duty to keep it going for the sake of its customers?

I think it’s probably the lack of the latter that is the reason its closing.

Amazon have just built two gigantic depots in the region which dwarf any of its surroundings, why? Because they are making massive profits and it’s the way forward – the future – and we – the (I suppose) lazy consumer are the reason.

Press a button it’s there in the next day or two.

Woolworths, Dixon’s, MFI, Comet, BHS etc etc have all gone because they were losing money.

This is how the world is evolving I’m afraid, I don’t like it, neither does anyone when our shopping centres look like ghost towns, but it’s all our own doing I’m afraid.

Another solution is needed, maybe demolish them altogether or convert them into homes as we all either seem to buy online or go to out of town shopping super parks, where parking is free.

John Cumberland, Rushyford.