WHAT a wonderful article under the heading “Making the most of chances to put Tees Valley on the map” (EchoBusiness, Jan 2).

I have in the past been critical of the tone of some of your reporter Julia Breen’s articles, but credit where credit is due. This article is so positive about the creation of a freeport on Teesside that I had to read it three times and check it wasn’t April 1.

All the writer now has to do is to change her opinion on the protection of the rights of the unborn child to favourable and she will sail above Nigel Farage on my Christmas card list (although to be truthful, Nigel didn’t get a card).

When the election was held for the post of Tees Valley mayor, I was quite sceptical about the creation of such a post, thinking it was just a job for the boys. I did in fact vote for the party which, if their candidate was selected, was going to disband the position.

How wrong I was, because Ben Houchen who won the election, has been a breath of fresh air.

It does make me wonder, even though I am a democrat, why the area is going to the expense of holding new elections in May when doing such a great job, Ben should just be re-selected in the position.

Mike Taylor, Darlington