I'M not surprised there is confusion about how to eat, what to eat etc.

The latest from the US is the 10 hour window, i.e. only eat in 10 hours a day, so no eating for 14 hours to allow our digestive system to do its work.

But, we have a plethora of diets, such as five a day, not eating meat, not eating two days a week.

I’ve even read that we should eat 35 different fruit and veg a week.

In the real world I would suggest starting by doubling your two veg and halve your meat intake.

Then, two days a week, eat no meat which is so easy now with so many meat-free meals.

Apparently the 10 hour diet window does work slowly decreasing weight, with all the benefits that brings, which includes helping the environment and our future.

C Davison, Billingham