IN his New Year message, the Archbishop of Canterbury has the impudence to tell us to "start healing divisions" and "begin cementing our unity" when he has a history of sowing discord.

For almost four years, in his attempts to keep us in the EU, this Most Reverend gentleman has blatantly stoked up disunity throughout the land.

In 2016, instead of staying neutral, he gave unreserved support to the remain campaign. In 2017, in a speech to the Church of England’s Synod, he linked the Brexit vote with fascism. In 2018, he claimed Brexit was dividing the country. Last year, he connived with remain MPs to set up a bogus assembly and to organise mass meetings with the object of frustrating Brexit.

In Matthew’s Gospel, Christ tells us that religion and politics should not be mixed: "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s."

Justin Welby should practise what he preaches!

It’s the Queen, not Justin Welby, who is head of the Church of England. Her Majesty should quietly tell the archbishop, in language he will understand: "Hold thy peace till Brexit be done."

Steve Kay (Ind), Redcar & Cleveland councillor, Moorsholm