IT’S not the same old as Peter Sagar implies in his letter (HAS, Jan 2).

The Tory Government have spent the last three years more or less in limbo and before that a leadership so weak ran by insipid Mr Cameron then Theresa May taking the reins of a heavily handicapped horse and then lacking the backing of other parties to carry out the will of the majority of voters.

I’m sorry but Boris Johnson has just been re-voted to continue leading the Conservative Party with a clear large majority this makes a massive difference.

So, when he actually says this or that he is taken seriously and promises can be implemented.

It’s alright those doubting Thomas’ amongst us who just love to put the man down because their party/parties were decimated in an election which should never had taken place anyway costing the country hundreds of millions that could have been used elsewhere.

Why don’t all of us get on with our jobs of doing what we can for the country instead of squabbling and crying over milk that has not only been spilt but went sour many moons ago.

I’m sorry but with the all childish bickering that has gone on between various parties we all need to pull together and just get the job done. Oh, I’m even starting to sound like Boris now.

John Cumberland, Rushyford