FIRSTLY, I don’t want to criticise Jeremy Corbyn for Labour’s defeat in the General Election. Of course there shall have to be changes, but let’s not blame a man for trying.

Many correspondents have written to HAS stating that ousted Labour MPs got what they deserved for not backing the Conservative Brexit deals in Parliament.

But has anyone asked the question what if these MPs had voted for these dreadful deals like nodding donkeys just to appease the electorate? I voted Labour in the election; however had Labour caved in and put getting Brexit done before holding out for a better arrangement, I would have spoiled my ballot paper.

So given the outcome of the election; should Labour MPs have voted with, or against the government on these Conservative brokered deals?

The answer actually, is neither.

As far as Brexit was concerned; it was through no failure on Labour’s part, checkmate for Labour before they voted one way or the other in Parliament.

Many voters voted against Labour because they did not support the government in getting Brexit done.

However I believe that many people who did vote Labour, wouldn’t have done so if they did support the government.

Labour needed to support the government on a deal that was right, but we didn’t get one of those.

I was not involved in politics, until I was made redundant in Essex in 1992 at a time when I had £20,000 negative equity on my mortgage.

The negative equity was the fault of the Conservative government; however my point here is why I was made redundant.

My then employer in Essex would have gone bust had they not merged with a larger organization based in Kent.

Because the Essex firm were going bust, they had no bargaining power in the merger discussions.

Hence the merger resulted in no redundancies at the Kent firm, but 70% of the Essex firm’s workforce were made redundant; including the entire department that I worked in.

I make this point because the UK will seeking trade deals with other countries after leaving the EU.

Now how attracted will Canada, USA, Japan, India and others be to a trade deal with the UK that has just left the EU?

All these other countries are not stupid, and would insist on something in it for themselves. Hence the UK would have to agree to many concessions in order to make trade deals with other countries. Boris Johnson had better take this on board.

One MP who lost her seat and deserved to, was Jo Swinson. One cannot just arrogantly ignore the result of the referendum; a badly thought through referendum as it was.

Jeremy Whiting, Great Lumley.