I ENJOY immensely watching the BBC’s Match of the Day and feel the £3 I pay weekly for that programme more than covers the licence fee money alone.

Last Saturday (December 21), watching the performance of Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne, I commented to my wife during the Manchester City/Leicester City game how brilliantly he was playing.

Immediately after the match had finished there were two pundits, along with the presenter, confirming my view.

The next evening on MOTD2 there was yet another presenter along with two pundits giving their views on a further two matches.

Does the viewer really need all these so called experts, at no doubt a tremendous cost, giving their opinions? Watching Darlington FC play I can draw my own conclusions on the match or even watching the highlights on YouTube with only the commentary.

With the threat of free TV licences for the over 75s being withdrawn due to cost would it not be better to lighten the BBC’s wage bill by losing some of these pundits?

If not, surely common sense should prevail at the BBC and these experts, including the presenters, be put on an

annual salary, no more than which important people receive for example fire fighters, nurses, and police officers. Football of course is only one of many sports in which many pundits are employed – I bet they don’t pay their own air fares and hotel accommodation when attending many of their jaunts.

Mike Taylor, Darlington