I HAVE lived in my current house for 40 year and the pavements have always been in a perfect order.

That is until contractors from Virgin Media turned up to install cables under the footpath. All went well until they replaced the paving and I must say what a shocking job they did.

The paving stones outside my house were re-laid in total darkness at the end of their shift and what a poor job it was.

I have one paving outside my front door that is just waiting for someone to trip over. After drawing attention to this to the workmen who totally agreed with me they sent their foreman over to have a look and his response was a load of rubbish.

I am led to believe that the works will be inspected by the local authority and if they pass this as being OK then that will be another disgrace.

Why should these firms be allowed to get away with these appalling standards of workmanship?

John Rusby, Bishop Auckland.