A FEW months ago, I wrote to the Echo as Peter Gibson was tolerating offensive and dangerous posts on his Facebook page about his predecessor.

I did this as I had been blocked for challenging him, without being rude, on his page and for calling him out over inaccurate details on his page.

It was not just me that was blocked, though, but many people questioning the veracity of his posts; the BBC have found that 88% of Tory Facebook ads during the General Election campaign were misleading and 0% of Labour ones.

Whilst this was cowardly and in contrast to the then MP, who allowed all kinds of criticism on her page as long as it did not use incendiary language, it was understandable to an extent as the page was there to promote him and the Conservative Party.

Now, however, he is the MP and here to represent and answer to all his constituents no matter who they voted for.

I would like to ask him some questions, for example on unaccompanied Child Refugees where the Government has announced a position at odds with the stance taken by Peter during the campaign.

I am unable to do so, though, as the MPs Facebook page is still being run as if it was the Tory Candidates page which can’t be right?

I did give him the benefit of the doubt for over a week since his election but despite courteous requests to his office nothing has changed.

I am hoping this the Echo Letters page might prompt a response appropriate to an MP for all of the town, not a candidate.

Jim Garner, Darlington.