JOHN GILMORE'S slating of the Tory party and its rich and greedy friends is a disgraceful remark.

When he says "friends", I hope he doesn’t mean those like me and the majority round here who voted Conservative. I can assure you most of us aren't rich and certainly are not friends of Boris Johnson.

We are concerned voters who live in the real world, not Jeremy Corbyn’s free-for-all fantasy land. The Labour Party and it’s leader don’t know which way is up. He could not even condemn anti-semitism in his own party.

His promises were of a Walt Disney-themed UK paid for by, I imagine, his Monopoly winnings over Christmas. The lad lives in cloud cuckoo land. Free broadband for, all never mind the present broadband workers and companies loosing their jobs and contracts would ensure that it would never work.

He promised billions in payment of back pensions. He promised public ownership of this and that. We all want milk and honey and to live the life of Riley, but Mr Gilmore's obvious dislike of anyone who has been successful through hard work is exactly why Labour will never succeed.

Jealousy breeds a sea of contempt and resentment and it seems Mr Gilmore is drowning in it.

Labour was hammered in the election nationally, and it is Labour locally on Durham County Council which gave Windlestone Hall away for the price of a semi and is planning on building a new palace for its overpaid, underperforming inhabitants in the centre of this historic overpopulated city.

John Cumberland, Rushyford