I FEEL sorry for the family and young lad that we are told had a bad experience last Tuesday when we saw a picture of the lad laid on the floor in a hospital A&E department.

What I cannot understand is how a representative from the press was there at that time.

We are told through the media that his mother asked for the picture not to be used for political gain, then contradicted that she said to use it. I would have thought out of respect for the family and the hospital, who I find hard to believe that they could not have found some sort of trolley or bed for the boy, that this situation was not handled in a better way.

The Labour Party must realise that they have played their part in the problems we have in the NHS, going back to when their prime minister Tony Blair opened up the floodgates to allow more people into the UK, but then did not plan for the expansion of the NHS to accommodate the thousands of extra people that we took in.

The country was also left in a very bad financial state which when the Tories took over even now we are still trying to sort out.

John Armstrong, Newton Aycliffe.