I VOTED for Brexit, but anyone who thinks that a Brexit led by Boris Johnson will bring the New Jerusalem, is completely deluded.

A Brexit deal must guarantee workers’ rights and consumer protection, as well as ensuring that manufacturing and agriculture have easy access to overseas markets and supplies. This is what Jeremy Corbyn is offering if Labour wins.

The Tory Party once represented business as a whole, but gradually over the last 30 years those sections of business that actually create wealth, in particular manufacturing has been cast aside, in favour of a parasitical elite whose political wing is the modern Tory party led by Boris Johnson.

This parasitical elite of investment bankers, property speculators, government contractors and billionaire tax dodgers are the class that Mr Johnson seeks to serve and nobody else.

If the Tories win on Thursday this parasitical elite will try to run amok, by forcing down wages and conditions of employment.

Labour, by contrast, offers a fundamental change to the rapid decline of British society, characterised by low wages, debt, slum landlords, economic insecurity and falling life expectancy.

A Labour government committed to investment in housing, transport, public services and the environment will bring about the biggest transformation of wealth and power in favour of the working and middle classes since the Second World War.

Unless you are part of the richest five per cent, then Labour is the party to vote for.

John Gilmore, Bishop Auckland