BISHOP AUCKLAND hospital cost the taxpayer £67m, built and downgraded by Labour. That is nothing to be proud of.

The writing was on the wall even before Tony Blair came and laid the foundation stone.

We lost A&E and other services on Helen Goodman’s watch and so it was left to the original campaign group 12 years ago fighting tirelessly for the retention of our services. We invited Helen to the Downing Street handing over of a 16,000-name petition to the Prime Minister.

Bishop Auckland has always been the poor relation down in Parliament. Is it because Labour has always ruled the roost?

Whether we agree or disagree with the result of the referendum, 62 per cent voted leave in Bishop Auckland so in my opinion democracy must be adhered to.

Not once has our voice been echoed in Parliament. The time has come for Labour to move over.

New blood, fresh ideas along with the people skills and charisma of Dehenna Davison could be the remedy for Bishop Auckland to move forward. After all things cannot get any worse.

Dehenna Davison is the candidate I will be voting for.

Sam Zair, Bishop Auckland