THIS is another general election where the Labour Party in Durham is talking about “standing up for our communities”.

The problem is that our communities have been dominated by Labour for generations and their failure to deliver the safer, greener, cleaner and stronger communities we all deserve is obvious.

Irreversible damage is being done to our World Heritage City through poor planning, over development, proposals for a relief road which threatens our green belt, a city centre with empty shops and unsustainable University expansion. All of these issues go unchallenged by Labour politicians and without resident support.

Labour’s answer is to spend £50m on a new County Council HQ which will cause environmental damage and concrete over another valuable green space at the heart of our city. Imagine what that money could do if it was invested in our surrounding communities and villages which are being left behind.

On December 12, people have an opportunity to vote for a new direction here and to elect a Conservative MP and Durham resident who will work for the people in Parliament. It’s time for democracy and accountability in Durham.

Harvey Morgan, City of Durham, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate