I HAD more or less decided to vote LibDem, purely because Jo Swinson comes across as likeable and sincere.

That was until I heard they had excluded one of their members for opposing abortion, etc. That killed my pig as far as the LibDems were concerned.

Nor could I vote Conservative.

The Conservatives are not conservative. They are a radical party, whereas I am a traditionalist.

By tradition I mean (1) respect (very definitely) for old people; (2) respect for planning law which, had it been implemented would have skewered, on traffic grounds alone, the disgraceful permission to build 1,700 houses at Sniperley, slap-bang in the middle of the Durham greenbelt; (3) respect by public sector workers for the public; and (4) respect by all workers for professional standards, especially customer relations.

The Conservatives tick none of these boxes.

The party that does tick them is the Greens, so that’s who I will be voting for on December 12.

Tony Kelly, Crook