I OBVIOUSLY see political life from a different perspective than your correspondent, Terry Tucker (HAS, Nov 30).

He is of the opinion that the anti-Semitic charges against the Labour Party are a Tory election ploy.

He also implies that the majority – 85 per cent – of leave voters are racist. As a leave voter, I find his implication repulsive!

I watched a debate on the BBC Today in Parliament programme that had been called by Jewish Labour MPs.

During it, and amid tears of anguish, the MPs outlined the abuse and threats they were receiving from their own party.

Subsequently, some Jewish MPs have resigned from the party. I believe the evidence of my own eyes.

To suggest that this evidence was "rigged" by Labour Jewish MPs, the Conservative Party and the BBC is ridiculous beyond words!

There is no doubt in my mind that the increase in hatred of Jews within the Labour Party started with the influx of circa 360,000 Momentum, extreme left-wing members to the Labour ranks to support Corbyn’s election as leader.

Terry Tucker, if you want to continue to vote for remain and the Labour Party, which has demonstrated on national TV that it is institutionally racist, that is a matter for your conscience.

However, please stop implying racist motives in others who see politics from a different perspective than your rose tinted one.

Alastair PG Welsh, Aycliffe Village