OVER recent months, I have read of HAS correspondents who have fallen foul of parking regulations and have received a penalty notice.

Having owned a car since March 31, 1984, I had never received a parking ticket until October 19, 2019. My wife and I travelled to Richmond to visit the town and, for a matter of ease, decided to park at Lidl where two hours free parking is allowed.

We thought we would play fair and visit the store, purchasing three jars of marmalade and two large tubs of Bertolli.

Then we visited the rest of the town, spending quite generously at various shops, including coffee at the Station.

The following Thursday I received notification that our car had overstayed by 13 minutes. I appealed and I think I might have been successful had I kept my receipt or sent them a copy of my credit card bill – we had paid cash and I had not retained the receipt.

The fine was reduced from £90 to £45 (that is entrance to four Darlington FC matches and two programmes).

I know I was in the wrong and I will continue to visit Lidl stores, but I really think it should have a word with the company operating its parking. Perhaps both concerns should talk to each other.

I did however get two wonderful pictures of our car entering and "leaving the building".

Mike Taylor, Darlington