THE 2008 global financial crisis caused by financiers allowed the Tories, unfortunately aided by the LibDems, to utilise their ideology of austerity.

Punishing the innocent, ordinary people for the mistakes of the rich and taking a wrecking ball to public services and the welfare state, stripping them of funds and staff.

Child poverty and homelessness is rife. Working families needing food banks to survive.

After a Tory hard Brexit, the UK will be beholden to Donald Trump for trade deals. Mr America First has stated in the past that no country will be a freeloader on his pharmaceutical companies. Make your own conclusions on how this will affect the NHS.

Deborah Meaden, from Dragons’ Den, states the Tories represent hedge funds and financiers. See above on who caused the financial crisis.

Tories mocked Jeremy Corbyn's Green tie in parliament, clueless he was commemorating the Grenfell victims.

Boris Johnson stated the £250,000 he received from journalism was chicken feed and spends £180 on a bottle of wine with his meal.

Thousands of sick and disabled people have died awaiting Universal Credit claims.

Please use your moral compass and vote Labour.

John Colbert, Bowburn, Durham