JOHN MCDONNELL, Shadow Chancellor, states “the so called WASPI women lost out unfairly when the state pension age was changed without fair notice” (Echo, Nov 26).

Just where has he been? The change, to at least 64, was reported in 1995 to bring equality with men nearer.

The age, along with the men, has since changed because of circumstances.

To say that fair notice has not been given is a lie – a word which Labour like to use against the Conservatives.

It reminds me of a situation, in which I believe I am correct, where if a woman was married in the 1970’s she could then opt to pay a reduced National Insurance Stamp.

The women, however, were then subsequently shocked to learn that when they reached the age of 60 they would not be entitled to the full state pension.

They stated that had not been pointed out to them.

Although I sympathise with the WASPI’s surely they cannot win this one on the argument they had not received fair notice.

Mike Taylor, Darlington.