I HAVE been a Labour Party supporter all my life, and a fully paid up member for about 40 years, but the decision by the Labour Party to abolish the married couples allowance has caused me to resign my membership with immediate effect, because my wife and I (and others like us) will be paying for the billions of pounds that Corbyn will need to borrow to pay for all the “handouts” that the Labour Party proposes to finance, and not just those earning of £80,000 which Corbyn often tells us. So, if there any old aged pensioners out there, and I feel sure that there will be many, who are in a similar position as my wife and I, think very carefully where you place your X on December 12, because it could cost you a lot of well-earned money if you decide to vote Labour. I did visit MP Phil Wilson’s office to register my concern, but got nowhere.

Terry Farley, former Labour Party member/voter, Newton Aycliffe.