PETE WINSTANLEY must question his idealistic nonsense “Wildly accused” (HAS, Nov 25).

To suggest that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell are the best hope for our future is an insult and a dangerous conclusion that will give us the kind of economy that a third world country would be ashamed to have.

He suggests that after 1945, Labour did a grand job for the people of the UK, yet fails to suggest who had to clean up the mess.

The poor and less well off workers.

Attlee and Bevan were good at spending, but did not have a clue when it comes to creating a successful economy.

Since 1945 every time Labour gets into power we end up in huge debt and more industries going to the wall.

The union barons are getting richer, while the workers subsidise their luxury.

He mentions Jeremy Corbyn’s proposals and certain countries in Europe, but forgets to mention the fact, these same countries have been taking us for mugs for the last 50 years.

As for democracy and socialism, it all boils down to interpretation.

To some it means a fair society based on responsibility.

To the likes of others it is the rule of the thug, or those that do not believe they have a responsibility to earn their keep.

As for his assertion “managing a nation’s budget is entirely different from managing a household budget”.

Whether he likes it or not, if you borrow money you have it to pay back, at great expense.

So anyone who states that this economy of ours is in great shape, is either a con artist, fool or liar and there is a consequence, if we keep on believing otherwise.

John Young, Wolsingham