THE doom and gloom about our lack of birds and hedgehogs is the tip of the iceberg as 75 per cent of flying insects have declined in the last 25 years.

An insect Armageddon is under way say many entomologists.

About 80 per cent of the world’s plants cannot reproduce without pollination. Our global ecosystem is on the verge of collapse, the insects are just the first dominoes to fall.

The result of a multiple whammy of environmental impacts, pollution, habitat changes, overuse of pesticides and global warming.

Insects are the “little things” that run the world. I am also sure that the exhaust gases of the world’s one and a quarter billion motor vehicles do our planet no good what so ever. Insects make up two thirds of all life on Earth.

Our globe sadly is in a parlous state.

Malcolm Rolling, Carrville, Durham