I HAVE not voted Labour in a long time, but if at the present time they had a moderate leader who believed in Brexit and was neither Left or Right I might consider voting for them again after the shambles our country has gone through the last three and a half years with the Conservatives.

I have asked this question before in HAS (without reply) – how can anyone vote Labour with Jeremy Corbyn as leader?

As a previous letter has said, if the only reason you vote for Labour or Conservative is because your parents or grandparents always voted for them, that is a form of indoctrination and you are not really considering why you are casting that vote.

If you vote Labour this time you are in effect voting for Mr Corbyn. He is so left wing he might as well declare himself a Communist.

He was one of the instigators of Momentum whose primary aim is to purge the Labour Party of moderate MPs.

He is detested by a lot of his own MPs but it takes the whole Labour Party to vote for the leader.

If elected he will cripple the economy by borrowing. Remember when Labour last left office, there was a note left saying there is no money left, that was why we have had austerity for the last nine years.

The Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell is even more extreme than Mr Corbyn, if possible and his aim is to tax the rich till they are dry.

In government they could leave this country no better than a third world country.

Mr Corbyn is not a patriot. Heaven forbid that he is ever elected Prime Minister. The one good thing for a lot of people is there would be no further elections in the future as his ambition would be to have a one party state.

If knowing all these things and you are still prepared to vote for him, fair enough, but I would like to know why you are prepared to let the possibility of democracy go out the window.

Tom Ball, Barnard Castle