IT appears that Tom Ball's ideal political leader is a contradiction in terms (HAS, Nov 19). On his shopping list is someone who believes in Brexit but is neither left nor right leaning.

That plan is scuppered then by the Lib Dem’s decision to choose "Bollocks to Brexit" as a slogan!

Additionally, the third world country Mr Ball mentioned may be closer than he thinks in some areas (not Barnard Castle) due to Tory austerity following a global financial crisis.

Yet again, the most disadvantaged bore the brunt while the bankers were propped up.

Reliance on food banks has grown after savage cuts to the welfare budget and the UN poverty envoy during a visit to the UK said the Tory government had imposed “great misery” on people in the country with “punitive, mean-spirited, and often callous” austerity policies.

So, as Mr Ball asked, I will vote for Jeremy Corbyn not on personality but because I believe in the values of the Labour Party. I value fairness and equality; I value fair and just taxation in addition to a fully funded NHS and education system that will be of benefit to future generations.

Peter Dryden, Burnopfield