AS I pondered on the Hear All Sides letters (HAS, Nov 19), I read them all and my thoughts drifted back to the first one headlined “Extreme Views”.

What exactly did that mean – was it the writer’s own “extreme views” that were referred to, or was it his idea that Jeremy Corbyn and some of his colleagues held “extreme views”?

Extremism is not only concerned with one political party. It can be found anywhere, be it right, left or centre. Perhaps a more balanced and well-evidenced opinion negates extremism?

Repeating and interpreting items from various sources without any evidence to back them up does not make them true.

A statement by an individual does not make it true – it is an opinion.

If one examines the past of all leaders of the political parties, there will be items of interest which are not to the tastes of all people and which could be termed as extremist.

One can make statements about party leaders with little evidence to back them up, but that does not make them true. It is only extremism in the eyes of the person who chooses to see it that way, perhaps it offends ones beliefs.

One could write a similar letter itemising the behaviour of the current Prime Minister and his cabinet which could be classed as extremism.

Jeremy Corbyn has very opposing views to those of many of his political opponents and some in his own party. Philosophically he has a very caring and honest approach towards all humanity, often ridiculed by the media and other politicians. That doesn’t mean that I think he will be a suitable Prime Minister, but we could still learn a lot from his approach.

I am an 84-year-old member of the Green Party who is trying hard to keep an open mind!

Sheila Harvey, Nunthorpe