TUESDAY'S TV debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn was to me another waste of time as the promises and denials just keep flowing.

I once made a deal to buy a quantity of metal from a company MD. We shook hands but he later reneged as the price of scrap increased and he sold to another company.

When I asked him why, because this was not done in our business and I know that if prices had decreased I would have stood by the handshake, his answer was that his promises were like pie crusts – made to be broken.

Well, I fear this is the case here.

Jeremy, Corbyn’s plan is to give to the poor and rob the rich, which sounds great and would be amazing, but who will be in charge of the purse strings?

Diane Abbott is his close confidant and that will be just fine as we all know she is very competent in the mathematics department.

Oh well, no doubt it will all come out in the baking – or will it be the breaking of the crust we remember them for.

John Cumberland, Rushyford.