A RESPECTED Tory MP said on Radio 4’s Question Time: “I’ve always believed in capitalism but what we have now is not the capitalism I believe in”.

I wonder if Margaret Thatcher realised that when she flogged off our excellent, lucrative public services that they would end up in the hands of foreign companies, often global monopolies.

So, instead of rivers of our money going back into our public services, they flowed out of the country.

Like 60 per cent of voters, I voted for a single market, but we weren’t allowed a vote on two important changes brought in by Mrs Thatcher and John Major, which I believe is why we’re in such turmoil with Brexit.

Or is this exactly what the global puppeteers want as more and more foreign companies want control of us and our cash – especially our cash.

The cause of so many complaints today have to be laid at the Tories' drive to privatise and globalise.

C Davison, Billingham.