I KNOW that what follows is not very important in the scheme of things, but does it show the real character of the Conservatives towards ordinary people?

I wonder if the drivers of the Conservative bus with “Get Brexit Done” on it are as thoughtful about the man or woman in the street as the party they work for?

On Wednesday from some time before 5.30pm until after 5.40pm, when I went to explain their effect, they were waiting outside Darlington station.

Unfortunately, the front coach was obstructing the blocked off area for the buses to Richmond and Catterick that run every 20 minutes, so neither their drivers nor potential passengers could see each other and, worse, the rear coach was very close to the exit from the station for cars.

Their drivers had no hope of seeing approaching traffic coming from their left along Park Lane, until they stuck the front of their cars out over the centre line.

At this point there is a right angle corner, so traffic coming up Victoria Road were also almost immediately confronted by an almost similar problem, and if, as sometimes there is, an articulated lorry going to the Cattle Market takes the bend, at the same time as a large vehicle comes the other way, there is an opportunity for chaos, at least.

Further, any passengers choosing to cross the road to the pub opposite the car exit point face a similar problem to the car drivers.

Apart from the coaches almost completely covering the marked bus stop, they were also waiting on double yellow lines.

Fortunately they moved forward after I explained the situation. Would Boris have cared like I did?

Norman Webber, Darlington.