JOHN PHELAN and his accusations are the usual Labour hype and rubbish ‘Tory cuts’ (HAS, Nov 15).

Tony Blair and his sidekick Gordon Brown laid the national debt at the door of us all. A trillion and a half and growing and then left the rest of us to pick up the consequence.

They are both very rich men now and Tony Blair is very, very rich, so I suggest stop accusing and tell the truth.

Labour have indicated borrowing huge sums if they win the election and the assertion is they will tax the rich and the big companies. Who are they kidding?

It will be the majority of working people and more pain in the future.

We are simply being sold to the highest bidder and that started when we joined the EU.

We have a massive trade deficit with the EU every month and that is the reason we are in so much debt. Fifty years of such behaviour is unsustainable.

Labour in 1997 had a golden opportunity to give us our jobs back and our pride, but instead ignored the people of the UK, to make their own egos more important.

It was more to do with telling the rest of the world how magnanimous they were.

They are also the main cause for the breakup of the UK, which is only a matter of a short time.

Many jobs were lost under Mr Blair and Mr Brown in County Durham, so stop your petty assertions and start telling the truth.

Leaving the EU is the only sensible option left to us, we can at least have the chance, to give this once great country an opportunity to get us out of the mess we are in.

As for democracy and the great lie our politicians are telling us, this is the chance for the people to stand up and put our politicians in their place.

John Young, Wolsingham.