WHILE respecting Mr Whiting’s views on MPs voting against Brexit, (HAS, Nov 19), I would like to once again point out that the majority of voters in the North-East did vote to leave.

We are living in a democracy and place our trust in the person we vote into Government to stand up and support our views and insist on them being honoured.

The Labour Party have been instrumental in stopping our vote to leave and have helped to drag it on for three years.

How can you trust a Labour leader who wants to give up our nuclear defences which is our only deterrent against attack, does not kick out anti-Semitism and wants to place nearly everything in public ownership?

If he gets another People’s Vote and the result is remain, how will he stop the leavers from asking to vote again?

I stopped playing conkers when I grew up when it was always “best of three”.

When he backs a Brexit vote to leave for the good of the country and not just to further his ambition to become prime minister people might start listening.

Taff Davies, Fishburn.