HISTORIANS will define this as the Brexit election for it gathers up the frustrations and hopes of many voters and their doubts about Britain’s role in a dangerous world

They will ask whether people realised that there were two powerful forces working against the EU? Presidents Trump and Putin despise it.

Trump eyes profitable opportunities for American pharmaceutical companies and agri-businesses in the European market.

He is keen to ensure that a weakened Europe will be no barrier to American exports.

He is pleased that his good friends, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage share his views.

The Tories kowtow to his obsession and world outlook in the hope of a favourable post-Brexit trade deal.

Putin hates the EU, too, just as he hates NATO. A weak Europe will give him a free hand to boost Russian influence in the Middle East, in Syria in particular.

Brexit may not yet happen. Let’s hope the future historians will have a better story to tell, one in which the British people finally saw through the lies of their elite false friends and international kleptocrats and voted for fairness, justice and international collaboration to solve the real problems of a dangerous world.

Bill Williamson, Durham.