I WAS disgusted when I read Pete Molloy’s letter (HAS, Nov 13) who pertains to represent the views of the residents of Spennymoor in the forthcoming election.

My question is – what does he himself represent?

The picture he paints of Helen Goodman is not one I recognise, having had help from her to resolve a problem with a successful outcome.

Not only is she a good constituency MP who champions local causes and, I cite one example when she had a meeting with the English Cricket Board which secured support for Spennymoor Cricket Club.

As further examples of her diligent work in carrying out her parliamentary duties, I outline just one small period, in March to June 2019, Ms Goodman:

  • Spoke in Parliament 86 times
  • Asked Parliamentary questions 47 times
  • Responded to over 969 letters and emails on policy issues
  • Voted 51 times

Some of the issues involved include abortion law reform, independent housing rental, disability, trafficked children, NHS and immigration, TV licences, pesticide use, mental capacity, Brexit, persecution.

Given she has been our MP for 14 years, these examples are only the tip of the iceberg. Contrast that with Boris Johnson who spent much of his time when a back bencher plotting his rise to power whilst making lucrative after dinner speeches.

In his short time as a failed Foreign Secretary he left a legacy of a British citizen languishing in an Iranian prison and his absence for a crucial vote at a time when I described him as the Heathrow Run-Away.

On his return to the back benches he was again conspicuous by his absence during vital debates.

When he faced his first major crisis as Prime Minister he needed a kick up the backside from Jeremy Corbyn about the flood disaster in South Yorkshire.

The lady who greeted him on his belated appearance summed it up for all of us when she said, “Where’ve you been?”

Maurice Baker, Spennymoor.