IT might be fake news but I heard it through the grapevine that the final promise from the Labour Party in the coming weeks is that they are going to do away with money altogether, probably to make everybody equal which is a wonderful idea but regretfully will not work.

At least I won’t have to spend £2 weekly, occasionally £4, on the National Lottery in an effort to make a fortune, well £25 would be acceptable.

At present I can afford to spend that much as, despite what this letter might sound like, my politics are very much middle of the road, meaning I tend to survive whichever party is in government.

Donald Tusk is urging British voters not to give up on stopping Brexit getting much encouragement to say that by our anti-Brexit parties – I have to include Labour in that.

That statement from the EU representative did not get any criticism, that I heard, from the BBC.

Just imagine the BBC’s reaction if the Russian President stated the UK will be better off out of the EU – he would have been heavily accused of interfering in our election.

To save your correspondents replying on that, it does not mean I support all of Russia’s actions.

Mike Taylor, Darlington.