JEREMY CORBYN and his candidates in Darlington and Bishop Auckland have an uphill task convincing sceptical voters about his policies and capabilities. Nevertheless, I’m sure they would have been grateful for Julia Breen’s supportive column headlined “Brexit no longer the big issue” (Echo, Nov 14).

In a personal capacity, I have been meeting voters locally as part of the Conservative campaign and they are positivity engaging with Boris Johnson’s message: Get Brexit Done, then use the gains of recent economic management to deliver a new wave of resources to public services.

People I have met feel enormously let down by Labour and understand the danger of Corbyn’s plans to over-regulate business, tax entrepreneurs and create more uncertainty over Brexit.

We know that Labour is feeling some political heat as they have sent for the celebrities. The news that Steve Coogan was coming to Bishop Auckland with a special screening of the Stan & Ollie movie to endorse Helen Goodman (Echo, Nov 14) was an admission that Labour’s arguments are not cutting it – comedic distraction is needed.

As a fan of Laurel and Hardy, I think it sad that the memory of these two icons of comedy should be appropriated by Labour, but perhaps it is a symptom that they are in another “fine mess”!

Graham Robb,

High Coniscliffe.