REALISTICALLY, only one of two parties can win the election.

We have the Labour/Tory diehards whose moronic answer when asked who they’ll vote for is “my grandad and dad voted Labour/Tory all their lives, so that’s good enough for me”.

Do they not realise the political climate has changed over the last 60-70 years?

I believe that both sides of the argument should be studied to get a clear understanding of the differences.

This means reading both left and right wing press to balance the views.

For instance, Labour is forever bringing up Boris’ NHS slogan on the big red bus – OK he over-egged it more than he should, but when it’s compared to Labour’s Project Fear it’s actually very minor.

But the biggest lie was Labour’s 2017 election manifesto which said its MPs would back Brexit, but then they vote to delay or stop it at every vote since.

How can anyone believe them?

Our local Labour MP was handed a 67 per cent mandate to leave by her constituents, but voted remain every chance available.

How can we vote for her to carry out our wishes?

When deciding which way to vote, people should disregard any statement or promise with the word “could” in it. This word is meaningless. Anything political with this word in it is usually a fabrication of someone’s imagination.

Finally, you may think that this is written by a raging Tory activist, but actually I’m a 71-year-old great-grandad who’s voted Labour all his life. I’ve now been forced to the right by the obnoxious personnel and ludicrous policies of the left.

The sad thing is I can’t see things changing for a very long time, irrespective of the result of the election.

Gary Mundell, West Auckland