Chris Foote Wood (HAS, Nov 11) is correct when he writes our society has to be fairer.

A fairer society means responsibility toward each other. That means more money invested the NHS, State Schools, Social Housing, pensions and an end to Universal Credit.

This means giving help to those who need. It means businesses paying their fair share and workers a decent wage.

A fairer society means equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. It means people getting ahead on merit, not through selective shorts lists or quotas. It’s people being judged by the quality of their character, not by their victim points.

It means personal responsibility and having to deal with the fact that the world owes us nothing. If someone has more than we do, we aren’t entitled to any of it!

But if people want a better life, they need to stop making excuses and blaming others, get rid of the victim mentality, then start taking responsibility for their life and do something to improve their situation.

Unfortunately, there are far too many whose sense of fairness involves no responsibility, making excuses, having a victim and something for nothing mentality.

CT Riley, Spennymoor.