THE UK is the second biggest contributor to the EU yet our country’s infrastructure is crumbling - why?

As you travel through Europe naming for example France and Spain, these huge countries compared to ours have roads, bridges, and hospitals like works of art, never mind just being built, to do a job, but aesthetically beautiful.

Even in remote areas, the roads are like snooker tables with hardly any traffic, all funded by EU funds.

In the UK our hospitals are more suited to the days of Florence Nightingale and many of our roads having cracks and holes many a seasoned potholer would relish exploring.

I’m sorry but those of you who still think the EU is so important to our economy needs to look at the facts – wake up and smell the roses – we pay far more than countries bigger than ourselves for their benefit and they can’t stand us.

Some say we are an arrogant nation well, maybe so, but the French and Spanish take the biscuit – our biscuit – dip it in their coffee and don’t even say thank you.

Well I say let’s take our chance.

John Cumberland, Rushyford