UK politics is so fractured and voters so disillusioned that I believe the next election will be the last to be run under a two party,’ first past the post system’.

The next election is going to be decided by a few hundred thousand voters in marginal seats; as usual. However, constituencies’ will be split multiple ways. Darlington has a remainer MP when the majority of the town voted leave. Where is the Labour leave candidate? Deal or no deal! Similarly, the Conservatives, who have purged themselves of their remain candidates, who, prior to the referendum were in the majority, have snubbed their remain voters.

So, we need a remainer and leaver Tory candidate. Other parties likewise, unless like the Liberal Democrats (an oxymoron?) they choose to ignore a majority vote and so snub their leave voters by campaigning to remain.

Then we have UKIP/Brexit Party, who had massive support and only one MP, yet ironically in the EU elections more MEPs than any other party. Then come the Independents, Greens, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs.

So, who the Dickens do I vote for? I definitely don’t want to sit at home and waste my vote. Even if it is Hobson’s choice.

I want my vote to count. For that reason, we need to consider a proportional representation system and then voters would get the candidates in Parliament to reflect the number of votes polled. Ironically, just as MEPs are elected.

Never mind the excuse that nothing would ever get done. A five-year Tory/LibDem coalition was made to work. (Sorry students!)

Also, party leaders would have to up the ante in the truth stakes too, and serve the country’s ends not their own. Brexit is not going to be solved by this election. It’s going to drag on for years.

A parliament that reflects voters’ choice under proportional representation at least provides a link between voters and Parliament and also stops unfair gerrymandering in marginal seats. We wouldn’t need another referendum and I would have less reason to vote tactically.

John Watts, Darlington