I’VE noticed something which has crept into the rhetoric of politicians of all persuasions, namely commencing a statement with “let me be clear”, or “our position is very clear”.

Ironically, it usually means they are actually unclear.

Take the latest Brexit stance of Labour. During the past couple of weeks, I’ve heard most of the Shadow Cabinet say that their “clear” position is to negotiate quickly a new deal with the EU, then give the public a referendum with the choice of leaving with that deal, or remaining.

They say the deal would be quick as it involves staying in the Customs Union and Single Market, and keeping free movement of EU citizens. In other words, not Brexit at all!

In that referendum they would campaign to remain, and the whole process would be done in six months.

After three years sitting on the fence, this is the crazy scheme they’ve come up with.

Clear maybe, sadly utter nonsense.

G Carr, Aycliffe Village.