IN reply to B Jackson’s comments in the letter headed “Poll research” (HAS, Nov 1) regarding my comments “Judgement day” (HAS, Oct 30).

I would like to remind him that all Conservative and Labour MPs were elected at the last General Election on party manifestos that promised to honour the result of the 2016 referendum.

Any sitting MP that did not agree with these manifestos should not have stood for re-election. They lied to the electorate to regain their parliamentary seats.

My MP since being re-elected has fought against his constituents’ wishes to leave the EU and some time ago wrote an article in the local free paper asking his constituents to contact him and explain why they voted to leave the EU.

I contacted him via email to comply with his request but unfortunately received no reply.

He will not get my vote at the forthcoming General Election.

Peter Richardson, Newton Aycliffe