BORIS JOHNSON could win a parliamentary majority with just over a third of the vote – he will use his majority to impose a damaging hard Brexit.

Opinion polls suggest there has been a majority for Remain since 2017 and that the opposition parties supporting a final say referendum represent the majority of the electorate, but are penalised by our electoral system.

The one million people who marched in London demanding a final say referendum are not just opposed to Brexit: they are also opposed to the low-regulation, low-taxation and low-welfare state that will be the consequence of Brexit.

This is the time for a final referendum: Boris Johnson is against it, as he knows he would lose it. Thus, in this election, remain-inclined voters and anybody opposed to Boris Johnson’s policies must vote tactically.

In the North-East only the Lib Dems can win Berwick from the Conservatives but, where good Labour MPs are threatened by a Conservative surge, it makes sense for Lib Dem and Green voters to support them.

I am a centrist but Labour MPs like Phil Wilson in Sedgefield, Paul Williams in Stockton South, Jenny Chapman in Darlington, Helen Goodman in Bishop Auckland, Catherine McKinnell in Newcastle North, and Anna Turley in Redcar deserve to be supported.

Giuseppe Enrico Bignardi, Durham