PEOPLE need to understand that the upcoming General Election is probably the most important in a generation.

It is sad that so many seats will be won by MPs who are elected by people who voted for them because they always vote for that particular party, or because their parents did.

Voters need to come out of the past, and look at the present and the future.

Take a bit of time to actually understand what each party has to offer.

Also, remember that most of the North-East voted to leave the EU but most of the Labour MPs in the region, who supposedly represent their constituents, went against all Brexit votes to stifle the government’s attempts to complete Brexit.

We need to get out of Europe asap and move forward as an independent nation, free from the shackles that have prevented free trade with the rest of the world for so long.

The world won’t stop turning if we leave the EU. The rest of Europe needs our trade as much as we need theirs.

The only reason the EU don’t want us to leave is that we pay much more in than we get back out.

Think very carefully before casting your vote.

John Watson, Durham