I ENTIRELY agree with the letters from Pete Winstanley (HAS, Oct 31) and Peter Sagar (HAS, Nov 1) which raise two separate points, and entirely disagree with the letters from John Young (HAS, Nov 1) and G Mundell (HAS, Nov 2).

Mr Young’s motive appears to be to describe the Labour Party as the enemy, which causes me suspicion as to what his political allegiance is.

Labour are not blocking Brexit; they cannot vote in favour of deals which are unacceptable.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Conservative election material seeks to give the misleading message that Labour are blocking Brexit; it doesn’t take a genius to work that out.

Labour’s stance is to focus on what is most important.

While the UK dices with self-destruction in the over-optimistic opinion of some of how we will cope with Brexit, I look at the deal that Japan has struck with the EU which is leading to the closure of the Honda plant in Swindon.

We should pay attention to how a very successful trading nation approaches international business if we want to succeed.

I wonder what on earth do the Japanese think of us right now?

G Mundell says it is Boris Johnson’s deal or no deal. This is not acceptable, we have to come up with something better than that.

Here is a suggestion of my own: early this decade after I was off sick from work for nearly 11 months due to cancer, I was put on a phased return on returning to work.

How about a phased withdrawal from the EU. Had such a withdrawal started on March 29 this year, we could be well on our way out by now.

Boris Johnson says “Let’s get Brexit done”. I seriously question whether someone who thought he could prorogue Parliament to achieve this is fit for the task; also, what kind of deal should we expect from a government which causes homelessness and destitution?

As for who is full of nonsense, I award that prize to Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson on Sophy Ridge’s Sky programme on Sunday.

Listening to her was unbelievable.

Jeremy Whiting, Great Lumley