IT was a brave revelation from Bill Turnbull to tell everyone about his prostate cancer which has sadly spread to his bones.

A few years ago talking about your cancer was a real no-no for almost everyone.

I feel for Bill as on November 8, I will be celebrating 16 years since suffering a pulmonary embolism which was an early warning sign of cancer. Mine was bowel cancer and I was in hospital for about nine days to get rid of the clot in my lung and in March the next year consultant Ian Bain operated on me to remove a nasty lump in my colon.

I was told I did not need chemo but it was there if I wanted it. I wanted it and I did 30 gruelling weeks of Chemo. I appreciate every day now and really love my life.

I am now aged 76 and I get huge amounts of pleasure making bespoke sledges which now number 700. I raise quite a few bob for charities and I just “keep on gannin'”.

Sincere thanks to all my medical people who help me in life.

Malcolm Rolling, Carrville