SO, we have another General Election coming up, on December 12. And no doubt some will try and frame it as about nothing but Brexit. But is Brexit really the only issue that matters?

Today we have six million children living in poverty in this country.

We also had 1.6 million foodbank users in our country last year. Many of these come from working families who can still not afford to put food on their tables.

Shouldn't these be issues for consideration in the forthcoming election?

We also have a huge crisis in education, which has been privatised and is in such chaos that half of newly qualified teachers quit the profession after three years.

Schools are little more than businesses these days, making money for wealthy sponsors.

Meanwhile the NHS is being run down and is of course, under threat of being sold off to American pharmaceutical companies in any post-Brexit trade deal. Shouldn't these issues be part of the election discussions?

And then of course we have the real elephant in the room – the climate crisis. The human race is under threat in ways it has never been before, as indeed is much of the rest of life on Earth. Shouldn't that be a major consideration in this election?

I sincerely hope that voters can see beyond Brexit to the real issues in this election.

Peter Sagar, Newcastle.