PETE WINSTANLEY is so full of bull (HAS, Oct 31) that his usual misinterpretation of what the electorate voted for and Labour’s behaviour over the last three years only proves their arrogance and total indifference to the people they profess to represent.

If you are prepared to make a deal it has to be a deal that represents those you are supposed to be representing.

We are told on a daily basis that our jobs are at stake – tell that to the many in the north of England and other parts of the UK who have seen their jobs given away to others in the EU.

The UK is up to its eyeballs in debt, its infrastructure is in decline and for many struggling to make ends meet.

Yet we are paying billions into an EU that keeps on wanting more.

The majority voted to leave in 2016, a democratic vote that Parliament approved.

So why are we still in the EU? The Labour Party and its cronies only believe in democracy when it suits.

Regarding Mr Winstanley's assertion that the Labour Party will give us a new deal with which to leave the EU, it seems that the only deal they will really give us is more of the same.

The people of the UK deserve better, so why don't you give us some substance and stop the bull.

John Young, Wolsingham.