I WAS reading the article headlined “No Conviction for Most Hate Crime” (Echo, Oct 29) which brings shame on our police force and so creates a lack of confidence among the public.

Just 11 per cent of hate crime recorded in 2018-19 resulted in a summons, let alone a conviction, which is extremely worrying and demonstrates the approach and honesty of the Police.

In another article (Echo, Oct 16), I read that a Darlington Asian councillor, Sajna Ali, was walking her daughters in North Lodge Park and a dog was set upon her. Fortunately, traffic distracted the dog and she escaped unharmed from this horrific attack.

These violent hate crimes are on the rise and they must be concerning to police chiefs and MPs. They should look into why the police force is failing to solve these crimes, whilst claiming to be the best force in the country.

We people of Darlington are very worried about it.

Hans Raj Kukreja, Darlington.