WITHIN Hear All Sides there have been several recent letters concerning the possible effect Brexit may have on Nissan. But if Labour got into power and introduced a four day week (paying five days wages), what effect would that have on Nissan?

The nature of agency work means a four day working week will only provide four days’ pay, not five.

Nissan don’t use agency workers, but many other firms do.

Equally, many firms simply can’t change over to Continental shifts. So, a four day working week would increase costs, reduce production and profits. Those increased costs are passed onto those they supply increasing their costs and so on.

Eventually those increasing costs will be passed onto Nissan and their customers.

To reduce costs Nissan would seek cheaper suppliers, including those overseas.

Whilst changing to Continental shifts would increase Nissan’s costs, reduce profits and the value of its share stocks.

Nissan and other firms having a reduced share stock value will cause shareholders to sell, firms to go out of business or relocate overseas.

Consequently, if Labour got into power and introduced a four day working week with five days’ pay, the result would be destroyed businesses, increased unemployment and poverty levels.

C T Riley, Spennymoor.